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The Blood of the Covenants Series

Two races, one blood.

Long ago, an offshoot of humanity left Earth for the Six Realms and magically joined themselves to dragonkind, forming a new, shapeshifting race and seven clans, all watched over by the immortal, omniscient Tree of Flame and Her chosen Monarchs, their civilization undergirded by the magical Covenants they made with Her.


That is . . . until they broke the Covenants, and the power within them started to unravel, endangering their very existence. Now their Heir's only hope to redeem them and fend off the hungry darkness prowling at their borders rests with a lost Earthren young woman, the first to set foot in their Realms for a thousand years . . . .

Dragon's Blood cover


Dragon's Blood

The Covenants are unraveling, the dragon King is dying, and the Heir is desperate. Yet only a lost young woman from another world can help him save them all.

Released June 20, 2024.


Dragon's Heir

Sarah and Ben must race against time to find the moongates that are the key to Sarah's way home. But as the Devourer's slaves relentlessly pursue them, can they find the strength they need to survive in each other?

Coming July 20, 2024.

An overhead view of a wave crashing on a sandy beach.


Book Three

Coming August 20, 2024.

Title and description TBA!


Book Four

Coming September 20, 2024.

Title and description TBA!

An overhead view of sunlit sand dunes.


Book Five

Coming October 19, 2024.

Title and description TBA!


Book Six

Coming November 20, 2024.

Title and description TBA!

Desert sand dunes.
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