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How To Follow Me

Want to stay in the loop?

Awesome. The best way by far is to subscribe to my newsletter.

What you'll get
  • A twice-monthly newsletter (once I get fully up and running) with updates and links to blog posts, which I'll try to make as unboring as possible. ;)

  • New release announcements.

  • Cover reveals, bonus content, and more!

What I promise
  • I'll never share or sell your information.

  • You can update your preferences or unsubscribe at any time.

Can I Follow You on Social Media?

How nice of you to ask! Social media can be a great, fun place for some authors and their fans. However, I'm not certain it will work for me. You'll notice I don't have social media links anywhere on my site. That's deliberate. For now, at least, I have made the careful and conscious choice not to have a social media presence. (*Gasp!*) Risky for an indie author, I know.


Or is it these days? Social media platforms have a lot of problems, especially for content creators not just having to compete with advertisers but also having to pay to reach the audiences they could once connect with for free. Plus, add in the time sink of creating content specific for each platform and audience and the mental and emotional dangers of the platforms themselves . . . I've decided my time, energy, finances, and emotional bandwidth can be spent in creating connections with readers and publishing professionals in other ways, ways more authentic to me.

One of these days, I'll write a whole blog post about why I thought that was the right approach for me (at least for now), especially since one of the reasons I resisted becoming a full-time writer for so long is because I thought I had to have a strong focus on social media, and I was afraid that would mentally destroy me. But, as I said . . . that's a whole blog post that I need to get writing.

In the meantime, as I said above, the best way to follow me, by far, is through my newsletter.

At this time, the only official places to hear from me are my website, my blog, and my newsletter. If you see "me" anywhere else, it's either an account for my private use or it's not me.

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