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Dragon's Heir

Coming July 20, 2024

Two Heirs, one quest. . . .


Sarah Lind is far from her Pennsylvanian home, having fallen into the perilous yet magical Six Realms and fallen in with their equally deadly and alluring prince, the dragon-shifter Koriben.


Yet Earth's secret guardian, the Tree of Ice, has given Sarah a way back: if she finds and unlocks all six moongates hidden across the Six Realms, the Tree will reveal the seventh moongate to Earth. As Sarah races against all odds to find her way home, she risks something even greater than her life: her heart.


Koriben Sunfilled, Heir of Flame, knows his duty: to protect Sarah, the declared Heir of Ice, on their joined quest to redeem the Covenants his people depend on in their existential war against the dark Devourer.


Yet he wrestles with his growing feelings for her and the destiny that could divide them. But if Sarah rejects her birthright, his people could pay the price—starting with his dying father.


The only way for Sarah and Koriben to survive and succeed is for them to embrace the connection growing between them. Yet they are in a race against time, because in ten days . . .


. . . the Devourer comes for them all.

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